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CRACK Alien Skin Bokeh (Photoshop Plugin) [Updated-2022]




CRACK Alien Skin Bokeh (Photoshop Plugin) ((FREE)). A simple, fast and brilliant plugin that makes background blur really simple and even more beautiful. Adjustable control parameters help you to create professional and great looking Bokeh effect. After simple and easy installation, you can create a blur effect with just a few clicks! With this plugin you can create a great Blur effect easily without using Blur tools in Photoshop and when you print the image. ★ Many users appreciate this amazing plugin! ★ # Bokeh effect # Background removal # Create artistic images in seconds! Bokeh effect is what happens when objects in the background are out of focus. A lens produces a round light in which the closer object is in focus and the background is blurry. The effect is the same like when you use an object to focus the camera and the in focus area is round and the background is out of focus. Bokeh effect is one of the most popular techniques in photography. There are many ways to create this effect. One of the simplest ways is to apply blur in Photoshop. But this is a bit hard and time consuming. This is why Alien Skin Bokeh has been made. You can create beautiful blur effect with just a few clicks in Photoshop. ★ How to install? ★ 1. Unzip the installer archive. 2. Double click the “AlienSkin_Bokeh.nsi” file. 3. You will be asked to select the folder where you want to install the plug-in. 4. Choose the ok button. 5. Select the ok button. ★ The plug-in is activated! ★ ★ Using the Slider to adjust the parameters! ★ There are two sliders in the Bokeh plug-in. One is for the distance and the other is for the blur amount. Distance: in Photoshop you can change the focal distance with the Lens option. This effect can also be achieved with a lens. • Sharpness: this value determines how much the lens has to change its focal length to achieve the same effect. • Focal point: this value determines where the blurred effect occurs. You can position the focus on the center, corners or anywhere on the image. • Amount: this value determines how much the foreground is blurred. You can create smaller or bigger blurs depending on the situation.



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CRACK Alien Skin Bokeh (Photoshop Plugin) [Updated-2022]

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